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June 26, 2010 / alhumaeiraa

Bukti WHO….

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Evidence of Nestlé malpractice

If you doubt that Nestlé is doing anything wrong, see the monitoring evidence in our codewatch section.

Or see the investigations conducted by the Guardian (right) and UNICEF Philippines.

We have responded to some of the misinformation given out by Nestlé Public Relations Machine in a report submitted to the United Nations in June 2009 – click here.

Also see the Your Questions Answers section.

Register your support for the boycott

If you are supporting the boycott personally, you can sign our boycott peitition.
Using the same form, you can sign up to receive alerts when new information is posted on this site. If you represent a shop, student union or other organisation, you can be listed on our boycott endorsers list.

It is important to tell Nestlé you are supporting the boycott – even if only for Nestlé-Free Week. You can call Nestlé’s customer care line (click here to find out what happens when you do) or send an email via the Nestlé website or through the post. Click here for a suggested letter.


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